DATE: March 17, 2022
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
VENUE: Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center
KELLER WILLIAMS, Rascal Revival & Suzi Brown at HMAC March 17, 2022
It’s TIME to WELCOME Keller Williams BACK TO CENTRAL PA and to have a blast on ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!
3 acts, including national touring artist, Keller Williams, for just $22!!
SUZI BROWN will be kicking off the night!
“Melodically comfortable, fun and adventurous.”
Suzi’s music is a variety of cultural styles such as Celtic, Asian, Island, jazz and even some tribal beats with traditional folk/pop. Her voice has been called ethereal and enchanting but most importantly, it is distinctly her own, just like her writing and guitar playing. That guitar playing incorporates percussive techniques as well as advanced 2-hand tapping!
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With all 6 members of Rascal Revival present, the energy level will be high as the guys warm-up the crowd for the genre-crossing, multi-instrumentalist, loop master, acoustic dance music extraordinaire, KELLER WILLIAMS!!
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